Bog: Combat Mindset & Fighting Stress

Coauthored by Master Eyal Yanilov and Dr. Ole Boe, Combat Mindset & Fighting Stress is the most innovative and revolutionary work to encompass the spirit of modern Krav Maga, and nothing like it was ever published for the fields of training officers, managers, sportsmen, soldiers and martial artists.
The book Combat Mindset & Fighting Stress – How to Perform under Alarming and Stressful Conditions deals with the less-known inner workings of the system, covering the core topics that have proved crucial and highly applicable in a variety of professional and personal situations.
Much like the body, the mind requires training, nourishing and relaxing as well. A “trained” mind will more likely be able to tackle different situations – either stressful or alarming – and deal with them better, and obviously be more equipped to make the correct decision under volatile conditions.
The book explains and thoroughly teaches the three dimensions of mental training and conditioning:
  • Combat Mindset (as courage, determination, enthusiasm, persistence, controlled aggression, etc.)
  • Focus and concentration (channeling all mental resources to fulfil the tasks and missions)
  • Relaxation and defusing of destructive emotions (as fear, envy, anger, frustration, anxiety, etc.)


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